August 2020

Here we are in August already! Before we know what happened, the summer will be over and fall will be here. We have had rains as needed, the grass is still green and we’ve been mowing every week, which is something to be thankful for in July. It sure does look nicer than brown yards. The crops look very well when you drive the roads, promising a bountiful harvest, provided nothing happens, such as a hail storm, wind, etc.

We had company over the weekend, Rufus’ sister Mary, husband Daniel & daughter Jeanette from PA. Daniel’s nephew got married on Saturday in this area. They were here Friday supper and the night, Saturday night. They brought Rufus’ dad along, he is staying at son James’ while here. On Thursday we plan to leave for PA, we will take him along home. We plan to stay for the week, and keep sister Martha. Saturday we have a reunion on my Mom’s side, and Sunday Dad’s side is getting together. My 3 sisters and 2 brothers are also planning to be there. My parents aren’t going, Dad would really like to be there, but we aren’t sure he could handle it.

Next Thursday we plan to take sister Martha and Dad to NY. Rufus’ niece is getting married the 15th, Martha will stay in NY with brother Elvin’s. I guess we’ll plan on it, if things don’t shut down before then. We will come home Monday.

This morning Rufus and Junior are on their way to Wisconsin to check out a cheese plant that is for sale, for someone else. They wanted Rufus & Junior to look at it, see if it’s a deal or does it need lots of work, etc. They will start home again this afternoon, but will stop for the night, come back in the morning. This evening I will go with Crystal and the children to Keosauqua to Misty’s for a tenderloin and black raspberry ice cream supper. Misty’s is the place for an Iowa breaded tenderloin sandwich! It is double the size of a big bun. We usually get one with 2 buns, that is closer the size we can handle, for 2 people. And the ice cream is so delicious, a baby cone is good sized for only $1.00. We will eat in the park beside the Des Moines river, then the children want to play on the playground equipment. We are having cooler weather, making it so pleasant outside.

Friday and Saturday we had 4 trees trimmed and 6 removed that were dead or dying, at our house. Some were ash trees that the ash borer got into. There is less shade, but it really opened it up. I like having the dead ones gone, and hopefully there won’t be so many sticks to pick up before mowing each week. Today they want to trim the neighbor’s trees, so it will really be open on this side of the street.  

Yesterday we were at church in the forenoon, to Rufus’ brother James’ for dinner, a family gathering for the travelers. In the evening to my sister for family gathering on my side. We do it once a month, take turns having it, have treat. They had ice cream cake, fresh fruit, cheese ball and crackers. We managed to get a nap in between afternoon and evening.

The other week we were in Wisconsin a few days at Randall and Jane Marie. It was good to be there again, hadn’t been for months. The photo is of Jane Marie and the boys getting cabbage heads ready for the produce auction. They sold 88 head. They were a handful for the smaller ones, but all helped. Rose and Dennis are in Montana, Dennis is on a job there. Rose and the children are there, too, they have a camper they live in. We thought we’d like to go out there to see them, but I’m not sure we will get that accomplished.

Our grandchildren come up with some cute sayings at times. Junior’s Austin – 5, was supposed to be getting ready for bed one evening, apparently not going as fast as he was supposed to or whatever the deal, but he told them he is not electronic, he doesn’t have a plug-in!

Randall’s Curvin – 4, had an excuse for not being busy. “Sometimes I just need to stand still and let the pressure build up”.

We continue to keep getting orders at the plant, for which we are very thankful. The next problem will be running low on cheese that is ready to ship, but we’ll deal with it, just glad to have things rolling again.

Our HR and office lady, Brooke, got married on the 11th of July. They had the wedding in their barn, had it decorated very nicely. A small wedding in the afternoon and a larger reception in the evening. We went to the reception, Junior’s didn’t make it, he was sick. They had Mexican food and brisket, they ran out of the brisket, but all was delicious. It was a nice day for it, too.

Corn day was last Saturday. Galen planted a patch in his field, so they, Junior’s and us got together to cook it and freeze it. Galen picked it, we husked it on the pickup, ran it through the desilker and cooked it in a wood-fired iron kettle, cutting it off the cob with creamers. It’s so nice to do it all outside with no mess in the kitchen. You take the hose and brush to clean up. We did a total of 117 qt. It was more than we needed, so my parents got the extra, for which they were grateful. I got to help till a little after 11 AM, then had to go on a baby call. I was glad I got to help that long.

I was at 2 deliveries this month, both on a Saturday and both during the day, not during the night as they often are. As one young father said, “It was even at a decent time of the day”. The last one made the 50th one I attended, in the 4 years I’ve been assisting. I still enjoy it, at times it gives a conflict with schedules, but that is how it is, unpredictable.

Have a safe and happy August.                                                            

Jane Musser

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  • Thank you for the update. It sure is strange not meeting up with Rufus at the ACS this year. Please send my greetings to Galen and Rachel, I am still enjoying cheese making, after having been taught by Rachal when she spent the year at Mariposa Dairy, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada. I was blessed by her teaching.

    Pieter van Oudenaren on
  • Nice to hear about your family, I have been a fan since I met Rufus, JR. & young woman at the American Cheese Festival in Sacramento. Sampled & sold much Prairie Breeze when I was monger at Dean & Deluca in Napa Valley., You stay pretty busy

    Gail Bickett on
  • Thanks for sharing. Your letter was fabulous. I do take-a-way worrying about you, Rufus and families. Please stay safe🙏

    Wendy J on

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