December 2020

Season’s greetings! To all our readers.

It feels like winter has arrived, with colder temperatures, some snow now and again. We are nearing the 1st day of winter, and before long, the last day of 2020. What a year it has been. Hopefully the next one will be calmer.

Rufus & I spent the last 10 days in PA, with his Dad and handicapped sister, taking a turn to care for her. She was born with Spina Bifida, and since her stroke almost 8 years ago, she needs almost total care. She is easy to care for, which is nice. I took her for an ultra sound on her kidneys on Friday (a yearly checkup) and this forenoon to the dentist to have her teeth cleaned. Rufus took his Dad to the eye Dr. at the same time.

It felt like a busy time of the year to be gone, I know the rest of the crew kept things going well, but I look forward to being back again. I did gift baskets before I left, sounded like they needed to do a few more while I was gone.

We visited friends and relatives in PA, always enjoyable. We had a Christmas dinner planned with my dad’s side of the family for this past Saturday, but that was the day the governor started a lockdown again, no more than 10 people, so it was canceled. I was very disappointed, we usually aren’t there and this year it was going to work out. It didn’t after all. We did get to see my aunts and uncles, there weren’t more than 10, but no cousins. Now we are happy to be headed to Iowa again. 

I started piecing a quilt while in PA. It’s one for Junior that was designed over 10 years ago, but I didn’t get to it. It is over half way, I’m planning to finish it and quilt it this winter. (hopefully) It’s in black and white, with a cow head machine embroidered on patches, and a variation of irish chain around the patches. He was milking cows at the time, and no longer is, but I guess he is still in a dairy-related occupation.

We are invited to Jeremy and Jessica’s school program on Friday. Jessica called me one evening to let me know when. They are excited to have us come.

Galen and Rachel plan to be away for the day on Wednesday, the children will stay with us. It may be a long enough day for Ivan, he doesn’t usually go somewhere that long. It should work with his sisters there, too.

I feel rather out-of-touch, not being at home for a while. I just won’t write much.

Wishing each one a Joyous Christmas and a blessed new year.

                                                                                                     Jane Musser


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  • Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!
    Kind regards,
    Dianne Haught, Hubbard Feeds.

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