February 2021

Is spring on its way? We had 46 degrees today, the snow is really melting. We went from snow to ice to slop. Yesterday it warmed just enough to make it soft over top, drizzled a bit and froze overnight. The driveways were very icy this morning. By this evening, it is slushy and very sloppy. Tomorrow they predict 50 degrees, it will get rid of lots of snow at that rate. The ground has been snow covered since December 29th, which is a rare thing for this area. It may change after tomorrow is past. And our extra cold weather is also past, I don’t think anyone minds.

Rufus and I made a trip to Wisconsin last weekend to see our new grandson, Daryl Rufus. He was born on February 2nd, to daughter Jane Marie and Randall Martin. This makes 23 grandchildren for us, the boys are ahead by 3 at this point. This is Randall’s 8th son, they also have 2 girls. (Son Kenneth isn’t living anymore, so they have 9 living children) We went on Friday, came back Tuesday. Someone had given them a puzzle and they decided to put it together while I am there to help. Michael, almost 2, actually didn’t do too bad, he dismantled some a few times. It was dogs in the shape of a dog, it took up lots of room, was 4 foot wide. We put table boards (extra leaves from an extension table) together to put it on. I felt almost guilty for not working more, but that’s what they wanted to do, I enjoy puzzles.

The cheese orders are trickling in, not fast, this is a slower time of the year. One of these times it will pick up again, we may have to hire someone when it does. The cheese makers lost a fellow, but with adjusting the schedule they can manage just fine. The night shift didn’t have enough of work, so with adjusting their hours to a later time, they can help out on the morning shift, making it work better all around.

I’m taking advantage of the slower time, taking days off to do other things. Last week one day, my sister and I each asked someone to go along, and the four of us visited six elderly widows who don’t get out when the weather is bad. We enjoyed the day, its one of those things that makes you feel good, when they seem so happy you came.

My sisters and parents have also been getting together frequently. The last time we knotted 2 small comfort tops, then played games after lunch. Dad enjoys that, he gets bored with puzzles, there isn’t much else he can do.

I’m also working at a quilt for Junior. It was designed many years ago when he was still milking cows. I started piecing it while in PA in December, now am quilting it. Last evening I worked at it several hours, only to discover I hadn’t pulled it tight enough in the frame on the other side, so all I did last evening, had to be ripped out again. How disgusting! I hope to finish it this week.

This coming weekend Rufus and I are trying something new. There’s a place for girls that have issues, called Rainbow of Hope, where they come to for mentoring. They need house parents and Big Sisters to be there at all times. We’ve been asked to be weekend house parents, from 7 pm Friday to 7 pm Sunday. Our main job is to provide the meals, take them to church on Sunday. I’m a bit apprehensive, it will be better once the first time is past, I hope.

We will also be taking a turn in Pa with Rufus’ sister Martha, being gone from March 4th to March 16th. There are some things I need to make sure are done by then, need to make a list so I don’t overlook things. We want to do our part in helping, but it does take extra effort to be gone 2 weeks. It is easier now than in the summer, for sure.

Two men from the Kentucky cheese plant are coming this week, to check things out as they are renovating their plant.  They want to know what some of the things are they will need to be SQF certified. Since they will be here all day, I will bring lunch for everyone at the plant. Soup, Italian Bread and whoopie pies. This afternoon I will go home and make things.

On Thursday Mabel Ann gets her wisdom teeth cut out, the two little girls will stay with me.  Tonya – 4 and Heather 15 mo. Heather did fine before, but if it goes over nap time, not sure how that will be. I guess we’ll find out. We will have to see how Mabel Ann feels by then.

I helped Crystal take hot lunch to school for the scholars one day. It was a nasty day, snowing and blowing, they ended up closing school early. Crystal had made sausage lasagna, green beans, deviled eggs, strawberry dessert and chocolate whoopie pies. I think there are around 35 pupils in the 2 rooms. They were eager to have a hot lunch. Jeremy is in one room, Jessica in the other.

We were invited to Galen’s for supper on the 16th, for Rebecca’s 6th birthday. Rachel decorated a cake for her, we also had ice cream with it. She was delighted with her pencil box of goodies we give to the 6 year olds. The next grandchild’s birthday is Ivan’s 2nd on the 10th. He will be 2. We won’t be here for that, have to give his gift before we go.

Spring is on its way, we may have more wintry weather, but it won’t be too long now anymore. Take care.

                                                                                                                                Jane Musser


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