January 2021

Happy New Year! to all our readers.

We made it through 2020, starting a new year. We had hoped the effects of Covid-19 would be history, but it doesn’t seem that way. Really, it could be worse, it’s mostly annoying.

Sales have held up well, 2020 was a good year all in all, in spite of the few months in the spring/summer when sales were way down. High milk prices this fall/winter were another hurdle, but we weathered it through. There isn’t much else to do but hunker down and try to make it work!

The first weekend of January we had snow and ice, and we still have some of that ice around! It warmed up some several days, enough to melt it on top, then freeze again overnight, making treacherous walking. We’ve had a few snows since and are having one right now. North of us they are predicting an inch an hour for over 10 hours, I hope that doesn’t reach us. That is a lot of snow. It’s pretty, when you can be inside looking out. But with the ice beneath, I don’t like it as well.

Daughter Rose and 5 children came on Friday, will be staying most of the week. On Saturday Crystal and the children came, we did photo scrapbooking and card making, they have a Cricut and some other gadget to cut things out. The girls, Mary Ann, Lori & Jessica had fun with it. The boys, Jeremy, Austin & Brian played the Operation game and other boy things. Saturday night, Brian went home with Crystal, and Jessica stayed at our place. That way the boy cousins were together, the girl cousins were together and not just one Mom to keep them in check. Maegan & Clifton are too small to help with anything. Maegan will be 2 on the 29th, Clifton turned 1 on the 21st. they keep their Mom busy, getting into things. Sunday noon, the family came for dinner. (we are old-fashioned, we have dinner and supper) We had turkey, potato stuffing, noodles, gravy, green beans, lime jello salad and a white cake mix in a sheet-cake pan, topped with quark/cool whip, then a layer of cherry pie filling for dessert. In the evening we took them to see my parents.

This forenoon I took Rose and the children to Verna’s Fabrics, she bought several pieces for dresses, I got one for myself. Then to Memphis Mercantile, they have a play area fenced in, how the children liked that! I watched them while Rose shopped, we ate lunch before heading home. This afternoon they are working at school lessons, they are home schooling this year. We are invited to Galen and Rachel for supper this evening.

Tomorrow Crystal, Rachel and Mabel Ann plan to come for the day, scrapbooking and visiting. I want to make lasagna and lettuce salad for lunch, haven’t decided what else. I think I will get Rose to help me do some house cleaning while she is here, too. Then I may get to sewing sooner!

Son Mark had his older equipment shed roof go down from the ice and snow in the beginning of January. On Saturday he had approx. 25 men and boys to help clean it up, in 2 hours they were finished. Many hands make light work. Mabel Ann served sandwiches when they were finished. He wants to rebuild sometime, probably not quite at the same spot, and hopefully add a shop, too. At least there were no animals in, and no damage to equipment.

Our complete family was together in Wisconsin on New Year’s weekend. There were 33 altogether. It was rather noisy at times 😊  but enjoyable. The children had sled rides pulled by a side by side, had some craft projects to work at. Everyone pitched in to supply the meals. It didn’t end on a good note. Rufus was the first one to be sick on Saturday. Galen’s Emma was next, threw up Sunday morning, so they left for home before church. The rest of us went to church and stayed for dinner. On the way home every vehicle had some or most people throwing up and/or diarrhea. Not a fun way to travel. The ones who didn’t on the way home, did in the next 2 days, except Rachel. She was the only lucky one who escaped with nothing. They are saying, it will be a loooong time before we need to go again!

The retail store is slow, as usual for this time of the year. We are closing at 4pm instead of 5pm for the months of January and February. It does make it nice for that person to get home before dark, especially when the weather isn’t so nice.

Rufus and I made a quick trip to Trenton, Kentucky to a cheese plant for a meeting. I seldom go along, but did for a change. I took my crocheting along to work at while we were driving, and when I was waiting on the men. I don’t like to “just sit” very much. I did enjoy it though. They had a sign in their store I liked.

Above the ice cream counter it read:

“Money can’t buy happiness. But it’ll buy me a cow, and cows make milk and milk makes ICE CREAM and ice cream makes you happy”.

Have a good winter, stay warm and stay healthy.                                                                                            

Jane Musser

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  • Jane, I enjoy reading your stories. We also have dinner and supper. Our Grand kids are citified when they are home and have lunch and dinner but when they come to the country farm to visit they are countrified and have dinner and supper.

    Ernie on
  • Your family update is always lovely. Unfortunately, this month made my heart heavy.

    Wendy on

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