June 2021

Hello to one and all this “almost summer” morning. The last few days have been so nice, sunny, warm. After all the rain we had, it is good to have sunshine. It was hard to keep after yard mowing with all the rain, and then it grew so much faster. The weeds are also actively growing and the maple seeds are sprouting thick in my flowerbeds. Hopefully I can get to them and get them pulled before they get too big.

My strawberries are yielding well, not very many blossoms froze for me. We had a couple of strawberry pies and I want to make some jelly yet. They are so good on cereal, too. Our potatoes grew in leaps and bounds, the stalks are very tall, blooming, and we didn’t get them hilled very much. Hope they do okay anyway.

Rufus and I had a busy May. We spent the 2nd weekend at Rainbow of Hope as house parents. The 3rd weekend my niece got married on Saturday, and that Sunday there was a reunion for the 14 original families who moved to Missouri and started the Mennonite community in 1973. All the children who moved along were also invited. I was 8 years old when my parents moved, it was a very interesting afternoon. Someone had a chart on the wall of the first 10 years, when families moved, births, deaths, baptisms, etc.

The 17th, Rufus and I left for PA to take a turn caring for his sister Martha. While there, I thoroughly cleaned the 2 bedrooms, took Martha and Dad to an annual workshop picnic that Martha attends 2 forenoons a week, sewed some slips. We headed home again Tuesday, arriving home on Wednesday the 26th. Thursday evening dau. Rose and children came for the night. Friday afternoon Rufus and I took my parents to California, MO to my sister. Their son got married that Saturday. We stayed till Sunday afternoon. Rose had left, came back Sunday evening again. On Tuesday she and Dennis made settlement on a house just south of Keosauqua. I never dreamed one of them would move back to the area, from Wisconsin. I kept the 5 children Tuesday forenoon, had an early lunch, then we cleaned the house, with the help of the daughter-in-law’s, 2 of my sisters, a sister-in-law and their daughters. The house was not very dirty, but its good to have it cleaned before moving in. They aren’t completely settled yet, but it’s a start. Rose will go with Dennis on the job, living in a camper most of the summer, but once school starts, they will be here and go to the same school as Junior’s and Galen’s. Junior’s children wish school would have started a couple weeks ago, right after they left out, they are so excited to have cousins going there.

We would like to go see Randall and Jane Marie sometime this month, only saw baby Daryl at a week old, he is now 4 months old. But we have been away so much, we decided to wait a couple weeks. Hopefully it will work out to go.

Things have been crazy at the cheese plant at times. Losing some key workers, others struggling to fill in, but they are learning and things are going well. The Amish girls are leaving, we have others started. It’s been quite a changeover for the cutting room. One thing we appreciate, they are asking questions if they are not sure, instead of doing things the way they want to, and not asking. I am teaching a new girl to do the UPS shipping, and another man to fill the wholesale orders. There are still things for the retail person to learn, I need to spend time helping her. I feel pulled several ways at once. But we are getting there. Junior is also pulled numerous ways, there are many things to juggle, changes keep happening. We are so thankful for the faithful, dependable employees we do have. In the past 6 weeks, we have had several people start, to only work a few days to a few weeks, before walking out. Brooke gets tired of doing the paperwork for a new hire, to only have them last a short time. We need to find a new cleaning lady, also.

On Memorial Day the cheese makers only made 3 vats so they could all get out earlier. They had to make up for it and do 6 vats the next day, but at least they got part of a holiday. The cutting room people had the day off. We did have the retail store open till 2, but it was slow. The weekend was very busy. Tonya will be off for a week, we will be glad to have her back, we depend on her in the cutting room, she has been there the longest.

May each one be blessed with a pleasant, healthy summer.

                                                                                                                                    Jane Musser


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