November 2020

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, seems like time just flies. We’ve had a lovely, few weeks, the other day it was raining and dreary, oh, how dismal it seemed! All sunshine isn’t good, but it is nice.

Last week Rufus was on the road, visiting Hy-Vee stores in S Dakota and Minnesota. He got into a blizzard-like snowstorm in S Dakota, got a motel earlier than planned. He also had snow in Minneapolis, not as much. And here it was in the 50’s. I was not envious.

The orders keep coming in at the plant, we really do need more help, can not keep after with labeling as we ought. With Thanksgiving coming in next week, it will also slow us down. I helped some on Friday afternoon, must remember I may not lift the heavy boxes around like I used to. I put my back out of place again, had just been to the chiropractor Wednesday morning. Now I have to go again. Some people have to learn the hard way. . . . . .

Tuesday night I spent all night at a baby delivery. I’ve been assistant midwife for 4 ½ years. The midwife is giving it up at the end of the year, she feels like she is getting too old. I had entertained the thought of taking her place, but the doors didn’t seem to open that way. This was my last time to be involved, at this point. I enjoyed it, now I will move on and see which doors open after this. I helped at 53 deliveries. This one was an 8lb. 12 oz. girl.

On Friday morning I kept Galen and Rachel’s children about 2 hours. I got Rebecca – 5, to help me clean out sink cabinets. The one in the corner goes way back, with a small door. She could fit her shoulders through to wash it out for me. Emma – 4 and Ivan – 20 months, nicely played all the while. I finished the rest of the cabinets in the evening, after work.  

One day last week, we sisters (Lois, Rhoda, Carolyn and myself) had a sister day, at Lois who lives near California, MO. We left home at 4:30 am, came home again at 7:10 pm. We really enjoyed our day, no children, no husbands, no parents, just the 4 of us. Lois came with us to Jeff City on our way home, and we treated ourselves at the Cold Stone Creamery. We didn’t have desserts for lunch, saved it for mid-afternoon.

My Dad breezed through his pneumonia and Covid, we could not have imagined it would be that easy. I guess his time wasn’t up. He was treated for pneumonia, and his breathing is better than it was for a long time. We are glad for it for as long as it lasts. And that’s as far as I will go on the Covid subject, it gets to be “old stuff.”  ☹

On Thursday, Rufus and I plan to leave for Pennsylvania, stopping in Cincinnati, OH for a food demo on Friday. Then on to Perry County for Rufus’ nephew’s wedding on Saturday. We hope to pick up the cheese cutter that is in Hagerstown for repairs, and bring it along home again. It will be a quick trip, not much visiting except at the wedding. I usually take embroidery or hand work along to do while driving. That way I don’t get as bored, it gives a goal to see how much I can do before we get home. Right now I am working at embroidering a set of bureau scarves for Crystal. I will crochet around the edges, also.

Next week is time to get the gift baskets ready, we usually put them out the day after Thanksgiving. We need to make sure we get enough of cheese cut for them, before we start.

The High’s (my family) are planning to have our Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner on the 29th  of November. There will be over 100, 2 new babies added this week. I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters. With all our children and grandchildren, it adds up. There is a reason we don’t do it often in a year! We plan to have it at an old school, the children like to play volley ball in the gym. Its nice that way, when the weather isn’t nice to be outside. The menu is ham, mashed potatoes, noodles, gravy, green beans, macaroni salad, cranberry salad, coleslaw and fresh fruit. In the afternoon (after the rest of the meal has settled) we set up a coffee bar, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and have baked goods. Every family helps to bring the food. I think there are 21 families this year. The 2 with the new babies won’t bring anything.

Wishing each one a Happy Thanksgiving.                                     Jane Musser

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