September 2020

This past week wasn’t quite as warm most days as the one before, in the upper 80’s instead of upper 90’s. Predictions for this week sound much better, in the 60’s for the high a couple of days. I am ready for it; it has been very warm. Last month I wrote how nice and green it is, that changed. It is now dry and brown. The grass crunches when you walk across the yard, there are cracks in the ground. The heat, on top of the dry weather, dried the corn down very fast. The window for silage making was a small one. There are chances for rain in the forecast by tonight and tomorrow, we sure are hoping for some.

We had a family picnic at the Des Moines River last month, the river was so low, even 5 year old Austin could wade across! They found lots of clams. The little ones could play in the water, too. One Sunday afternoon Junior took his family canoeing, but there was hardly any current, they had to row the whole way, against the wind. A few times they got “stuck”, Jeremy would jump out and push them off again, the water was too low in places. It was a tiring canoe ride.

Junior and his family took a much-needed camping trip last month. They went to the International Tractor Museum west of Des Moines, that is closing at the end of this month. Then on to S. Dakota, to Custer State Park. They were gone from Saturday morning to Thursday evening, drove through the Badlands, saw Mt. Rushmore, stopped in De Smet at the Laura Ingalls place. I’m not sure where all they were, but they all enjoyed it. Crystal said the best part was, they had no cell phone service most of the time, they had real family time! The children had scooters that folded up small, easy to take along. They enjoyed them, instead of bikes. Sounded like they had a few mishaps where they got too cocky and wiped out. I’m sure they made memories.

Everyone in the cutting department and offices has off for Labor Day, but the poor fellows in the make room can’t have off, they need to make cheese. Plus, they are short 2 people, they won’t get out early like they have already. That’s the problem with cows, they don’t know when there is a holiday, to just stop milking for a day! I guess that is what you call job security.

Rufus was in Michigan one week last month and Kentucky another week, helping at cheese plants. Being a consultant, I guess you would call it. Many people helped us along the way, now its our turn to pass it on.

One day this week my sister Rhoda had “sister day”. My parents were also along, which is mostly why we did it, to give them something different to do. Rhoda had pears to do, we canned 52 quart. The rest were too green yet. They have a family of 10, with all at home but one, so it takes food. Dad isn’t feeling too good lately, so short of breath, filled with fluid. He doesn’t take his water pills like he should, its hard to help someone that doesn’t listen. ☹

This week we plan to fly to Great Falls, MT to visit daughter Rose and Dennis. I’m very excited, looking forward to seeing them again. We hope to do some sight seeing while there, she sent us some beautiful mountain pictures. The cabins in the KOA where they are camping, have no bathrooms, and the cottages are rather expensive, so we will stay at a motel. We are spoiled, I know. We plan to be there from Thursday to Monday. Rose is home schooling this year. Mary Ann is in 5th, Lori in 3rd, Brian in 1st. Then Maegan is 19 month old and Clifton is 7 month old, so she has plenty to do, to my way of thinking.

I’ve caught the housecleaning bug. I cleaned the garage the other week. On Saturday I cleaned out the lawn mower garage, the little garden shed, the back porch walls and floor, cleaned out the martin house, and even scrubbed the propane tank. It was yucky, green and black. I was surprised how easily it came off with a water hose and a brush. It certainly looks better, for not much effort.

I didn’t water flowers all summer, until the last few week. I am more concerned for the perennials, than the annuals. I want them to survive for another year. It takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to do everything at the plant. I want to replant some of them this fall, divide them out. The iris are too full, they didn’t bloom well this spring. Also want to do a few other kinds, weather permitting. I was hoping for rain first, it's so dry and hard now.

We were at 2 weddings last month. Rufus’ niece got married in New York, the next week my niece got married in our area. We don’t get to as many as we used to, they are more special when we do go.

Till next month. . . . . .                                                                                    

Jane Musser

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  • Have a safe trip to Montana! I’ve never been there so be sure and report in next letter what it is like. Can’t imagine Rose and family at a KOA, home schooling and with 2 toddlers! I am “watching” our grands here in Platteville on MWF as their parents decided to have them do virtual school instead of classroom as Megan teaches and is concerned they might pick up COVID at school. Hopefully it will only last the first quarter as I’m not used to getting up that early!!!

    Paul on

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