April 2021

Hello, from the land down under. At least under a fresh blanket of snow!

We woke up this morning to a white world. It seems wrong to see snow when we saw corn planters in the fields yesterday. We have had a nice April so far fairly dry with lots of fertilizer being applied and some tillage and spraying being done.

Our cheese production is at an all-time high right now. We expect to run 27 vats of cheese this week. We are also having the same problem as so many other employers in our area right now. We are short staffed and have multiple positions open. We really appreciate the employees we do have as they are working long days and still consistently producing a high quality safe and delicious cheese.

We had an enjoyable day a few weeks ago when we invited our milk producers for an update on the company concerning the effects the pandemic had on sales in 2020.  We were able to invite everyone to come together into one room, talk about the past year and share our plans for the future.  A lot of topics were discussed, many questions were asked, and everyone was able to tour the new aging and packaging facility.  Lunch was catered (and so good!) from Smokin J's BBQ

Our team started the meeting with a quote:

“When it comes to specialty cheese, the great thing is that tradition is always up-to-date.”

We know we are some of the lucky ones who are still producing, packaging, shipping and selling cheese after the pandemic.  We also feel truly fortunate that our farmer partners have stuck with us throughout the ups and downs of 2020.  As a collective group, we are proud that we have stuck to our mission:

“Make high quality specialty cheeses on a consistent basis; provide a comfortable lifestyle for the owners, employees, and producers associated with our company; sell cheese at a price that a broker, distributor, and retail store can make a reasonable profit on; and ensure an experience that will keep consumers coming back, time and time again.”

The producers were excited to see what happens to their milk after they put all the hard work and long days, just to see it go on the milk truck. The tour gave them a sense of what we do to process it and turn it into a high quality product so you can enjoy the end results.

The dairy industry has been a roller coaster ride in the last year with many uncertainties and extreme milk price swings and well as over supply issues. Milk prices are good right now but going into a new growing season you never know what to expect. Escalating prices for commodity prices brings a new twist to the tight rope walk that is call, dairy farming. 

Until next time.  Stay safe and enjoy the warmer temperatures.

Junior Musser

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