February 2021

A few weeks ago, we decided to “test the waters” by releasing a very, very limited amount of Prairie Breeze Reserve to see what kind of response our customers would have and if it should be something that we might release again in the future. 

Well, we released the cheese on a Monday and by Tuesday it was all gone.  Every single piece.  While it was fun to see the immediate excitement, it was also reassuring that we have such a wonderful and loyal customer base that is willing to buy something of ours without ever having the opportunity to taste it first.  We thank you for having such trust in us. 

For those of you who missed out on that first ever release, we have some exciting news for you.  We will be releasing a “Reserve” version of our beloved Old Style Cheddar within the next couple weeks in addition to future releases of Prairie Breeze Reserve.  To us, the term “Reserve” doesn’t just mean that it is cheese that we arbitrarily select and hold back to release at a later date. At Milton Creamery, in order to hold back cheese to be eventually released as “Reserve” it must represent the very finest of what our farmers and staff can create.  Only then will we hold some back and only then will it have earned the right to be called “Reserve”.

Even more exciting news…

Back in 2018 I said, “We need a new product. Our customers want something new and it can’t just be another flavor of cheddar.  We need to do something entirely new”. 

Over the past two years we have been spending more time doing R&D on a “new” cheese. It reminded me of the early days of Milton Creamery when we HAD to develop something a bit different in order to stand out in the marketplace. We played with different cultures, different cheesemaking techniques and just about everything else that a cheesemaker has at its disposal.  We tried everything…and we have succeeded. 

In the coming weeks we will be talking more and more about this new cheese, and we’d love for all of you to be the first people to hear about it when it is fully ready to be announced to the public.  We will be releasing the very first pieces available in the USA here in our store for our neighbors and our community to experience, and on our online store for all of our supporters and fans of great, authentic, artisan cheese made with milk produced on small family farms.  We hope you will be the first to try Morning Harvest.


Junior Musser IV

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