May 2020

“In terms of production, we can do in a day, what used to take a week back in 2013,” is what I shared recently with the team.  Our facility expansion is definitely helping us be more efficient in all facets of cheesemaking and just this past week we’ve started utilizing our new, 3rd vat.  We have yet to move into our new offices but hope to do so in the next few weeks. 

We also just onboarded an entirely new farm with 113 more cows about 15 miles from here.  It’s a beautiful farm and we’re anticipating favorable weather over the next few weeks.  It’s so rewarding to watch the cows go out to pasture – jumping around, ears flopping, tails swinging and how they just run to the far corners and play in the grass.  They truly are happy cows.

Our team is fully staffed, and it is business as usual around the creamery, even though our shipping is down significantly from last year.  We are fortunate that we have a mix of retail and foodservice customers as well as now an Online Shop shipping our cheese nationwide.  Our factory store has remained open with the same hours of operation.  We have implemented stricter standards including no sampling and an increased focus on proper handwashing. 

Between the farms and farm families, we have 90 people we are responsible for every day.  We are focused on doing right by everyone involved with Milton Creamery and surviving through this unprecedented time.  We are so thankful for the support of our customers and fans.  Have a great spring!


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