September 2020

“It’s the Midwest, and at Milton Creamery a handshake is much more valuable than a contract,” I told the farmer whose bulk milk tank we recalibrated last week.  Technically, we owed him money for the past two years due to inaccurate milk measurements which was a surprise to both of us.  With that being said, we are happy to cut him a check to make everything right. 

If you’re not sure what calibrating a milk tank involves, here’s the gist.  Milk is stored on dairy farms in large round tanks.  We use a measuring stick that is inserted into the top of the tank, and measures milk from the bottom and record a number.  Based on what the measuring stick says, we then use a calibration chart to convert the inches into pounds of milk.

Sometimes, the tanks need to be recalibrated as they aren’t providing an accurate reading.  This tends to be a collaboration between farmers and milk companies to get it correct and unfortunately this one just went on for too long.  I’m happy to say that at Milton Creamery we operate with a social conscious and always want to ensure we’re paying for exactly what we are receiving.

We are now receiving milk form 11 farms – we actually went from 9 farms to 11 in one week!  From a production standpoint, this is completely necessary and needed.  From cash standpoint, we are all a little nervous with the current economic climate.  Unfortunately, we will be losing a 55-cow heard in the first part of November due to family health issues, but we will still be in good standing with the other farms we have onboard.

On a personal note, my family and I did get a chance to escape for a few days last month.  We visited parts of Iowa, the Badlands in South Dakota, Custard State Park, Mount Rushmore and few other spots.  We even got to see where Laura Ingalls grew up and if you’ve read those books, actually visiting the area brought everything into perspective. 

It’s now September and our two older children, Jeremy and Jessica, are now back to school and Austin will go next year.  Happy Fall and let’s hope this cooler weather is here to stay.

Stay well,


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  • I can’t believe you have TWO children in school. Time FIES!! What will Crystal do with all her spare time? Relax a bit, I hope. We visited the sites you saw ~3 years ago. What a wonderful vacation and so timely for the age of your kids to be able to see these historic places. Hope you keep the COVID down your way!!


    Paul on

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