Milton Creamery Launches New Cheese Concept While Supporting the American Dairy Farming Community

Milton, IA – Milton Creamery, founded by the Musser family, has created some of the Midwest’s best cheddar style cheeses over the last 15 years.  Since 2006, numerous blue ribbons have been awarded for their innovative and authentic cheeses all made with milk from small, local and family-owned farms

But it’s more than creating incredible cheese.  It’s about people.  Community is at the forefront of why Milton Creamery exists now more than ever.  It’s the driving force behind their reason for being.  But Milton Creamery is not just about creating jobs and supporting dairy farmers in Milton, IA but also lending a helping hand to other cheesemakers and dairy farmers across the US. 

That’s where Morning Harvest comes in.

After many years of research and development, the Musser family of Milton Creamery has partnered with another small community of Kentucky family-owned dairy farmers and the cheesemaking facility that was built to support it. The goal was to develop a cheese together that would have a strong market appeal outside of their local community, and by doing so, allow them to support their own community in a meaningful way just as Milton Creamery has done for their own community in Southern Iowa.

“Morning Harvest is more than just a line extension of Milton Creamery’s product offering,” said Rufus “Junior” Musser IV, co-CEO of Milton Creamery.  “Morning Harvest represents the very core of Milton Creamery’s reason for being – to support others in the American Dairy Farming community.”

Morning Harvest is an American original cheese that draws on Milton Creamery’s expertise in creating cheddar style cheeses, while also allowing their Swiss and German roots to shine in distinctive cheese. This style of making cheese along with the proprietary blend of cultures results in a cheese that has an incredibly fruity aroma with a subtly sweet flavor and firm, yet sliceable texture.  It’s truly unique.

Morning Harvest is slated to make its market debut in later this year.

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Founded in 2006 in Milton, Iowa, Milton Creamery is a family-owned business making award-winning artisan cheese based on simple, traditional practices and sourcing all milk from local, small farms within 30 miles of the facility.  Their award-winning cheeses include Prairie Breeze™ and Flory’s Truckle.  Their commitment to quality and safe food handling is proven as Milton Creamery meets the requirements for SQF Code for Food Manufacturing, Edition 8.1 and SQF Quality Code, Edition 8.1.

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