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Cut Room

Milton, IA 52570, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Our cut room plays a large part in Milton Creamery LLC. Without our production crew and our cutting room, we would not be able to have the volume of sales going out that we currently have today. That being said your job duties will be nonstop and physical; between lifting, labeling, and standing your day-to-day job duties will be a consistent “on the go”. Although our orders are steady you will have downtime, during that time it is important to keep work areas clean and keep things stocked. Milton Creamery holds high standards for cleanliness and neatness. Numbers are an important part of this role. The paperwork that will be handled in the cut room is extremely important and incorrect data is unacceptable.

This job is Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. With some overtime required from week to week based on order volume.

Job duty requires but is not limited to the following:
Must be able to lift 40 to 50lbs consistently
Must be able to stand for long periods of time with short breaks
Must work well in a team/group setting
Must notify the supervisor within two hours of start time if you are unable to work.
Must be willing to take ownership of one's work
We value our customers and following our requirements and regulations is important to Milton Creamery. We want our employees to value their work and understand the importance of our standards.
Should you make an error or not understand your task at hand, we ask that immediately notify your Manager as soon as possible.
We understand and respect that we are all humans and that errors & mistakes happen. It's important for us to correct and learn from errors quickly so we can limit errors to customers.


Application For Employment
Download PDF • 720KB

Please email the application to or drop it off at our store. Located at 202 East Highway 2 Milton, IA 52570.

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